Ten Questions To Ask An Event Planning Company

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Ten Questions To Ask An Event Planning Company

If you’re looking for assistance to host a successful event or occasion, you’ll need the services of a dedicated event planning company to help you make choices and bring your celebration to life. When choosing an event planning company, it’s important to pick a reliable agency with high standards. After all, the end result will be a direct reflection of your business or family! Therefore, it’s essential to choose professionals who care about helping you pull off a fabulous event as per your needs and expectations.

However, if you’ve never worked with an event planning company before, you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the right one for your business event, wedding, or party. To make the whole process easier for you, we’ve outlined ten valuable questions to ask an event planning company.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to help you understand if this company is the right fit for you, and is capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations.


1. Do you have liability insurance that can cover not only your staff but your subcontractors as well?

Liability insurance is an essential requirement to ensure you don’t have to cover any expenses in the event of an accident or injury caused to the event planning staff and their service providers.


2. Do you have references from multiple vendors and previous clients?

References are the best way to verify the expertise and network of an event planning company. At the same time, when you check these references, you’ll be able to gauge the level of quality you’ll receive.


3. What kind of processes do you have for the planning timeline leading up to the day of the event?

The answer to this question will help you mentally understand how long the process will be, and what is required from you during and when it is needed.


4. What kind of events have you previously planned?

To know if your event planner can meet your demands, it’s vital to ask for their work portfolio. If you are looking for wedding planners, and the planning company you consulted specializes in corporate events but occasionally does weddings, you may have to ask them more questions about the weddings they hosted to understand if they can execute what you have in mind.


5. Can you explain everything in the vendors’ contracts?

Sometimes the jargon in vendor contracts can be confusing. As a result, your event planner should be able and willing to take the time to explain things to you before you commit to anything.


6. When things go wrong, what do you do to solve them?

There are tons of things that can go wrong at an event, like cancellations by caterers, shortage of waiting staff, etc. To avoid situations like these, you need to know if your event planner has a backup plan. Simultaneously, you need to see if they follow procedures to prevent such misfortunes from occurring.


7. What’s your communication style (texter, caller, emailer)?

Communication is vital when it comes to event planning. To ensure open communication is maintained between you and your event planner, it is essential to know which communication style the planners follow to consult and update you.


8. Have you worked at this venue before?

Different venues have different pros and cons, and event planners that have worked at a specific site before will understand its shortcomings and positive points. With this knowledge, they can make the best use of the space and ensure you receive the outcome you are after.


9. What flowers are in season, and what’s not?

If you plan to add flowers to your décor or in case you want specific types of flowers at your occasion, your event planner should be able to tell you if they are in season and readily available.


10. Will there be a team of people working on my event or just one?

If a team is working on your event, you need to know what they are handling so you can accordingly make a note of things being done, and if your planner is sticking to the schedule created.


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