The Truth About Event Planning

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Learn about the Truth about Event Planning

Event planning is one of those jobs where no two days are the same. Each event a planner organizes can be vastly different, and anyone who has ever tried to plan a big event can tell you that event planning is a full-time job. The details, time, and money associated with planning an event make people turn to professional event planners. These experts make the planning easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

As you can see, professional event planning assistance is an extremely rewarding experience, but there are quite a few misconceptions floating around about it. Hollywood and television have contributed to many stereotypes that simply don’t hold up in real life. They have also glamorized the industry, leading many to believe anyone can plan and pull off a spectacular event. In reality, you’re more likely to experience the opposite, which is endless struggling, big expenses, and distress.

To help you separate the facts from fiction, the experts at Houston Event Planning have explained the truth about event planning. With this information, you can decide if you need an event planner or not. 

The facts!

1. Event planning does not only involve wedding planning
Events come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and types, but many people automatically link event planning to wedding planning. While many event planners do handle weddings, there are some who specialize in corporate and non-profit event planning as well. These can include events like awards galas, team buildings, destination meetings, conferences, exhibits, product launches, and so much more. Event planning is such a wide industry, so it is vital to ensure that the firm you are looking to hire can plan and execute your specific event. Not all event planners are equipped with the capability to handle large-scale corporate events if they primarily do weddings.

2. Not everyone can be an event planner
Many people believe that if they successfully plan events for their friends, family, and their volunteer organizations, they should become an event planner part-time. While many of the basic skills of an event planner are soft skills that are more generalized, there are many specialized skills and knowledge that every event planner requires to be successful. Some critical aspects of event planning that people often overlook are:

a) The event planner must be able to provide a location that fits the client’s specific needs as well as their budget.

b) The event planner requires a network of trusted vendors, and building these relationships requires time, effort, and business know-how.

c) The event planner must have specialized knowledge to solve problems successfully. For example, understanding voltage, amperage, and a venue’s capabilities for electricity would play a key role in ensuring that the audiovisual aspects of the event are smooth.

3. Event planning requires specialized knowledge
Because event planning is so varied and requires specialized knowledge, it’s pretty clear that event planning is complex! Many people perceive event planning to be a position that involves coordinating moving pieces. While this is a portion of their tasks, event planners must also be well-versed in the legal terminology when dealing with contracts, insurance, and government permits. Understanding specialized jargon that their vendors and clients use is just as important, and so is being innovative, creative when it comes to current event trends, and culturally sensitive when dealing with a diverse clientele. It’s clear that event planning comes with a constant need for professional development as there’s always something new to learn.

When you hire an event planner to design and coordinate your event, you’ll end up appreciating the end result that much more. Great event planners pay for themselves by ensuring the planning is meticulous, and the event is flawless. 

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