Team Building

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Celebrity Murder Mystery

The day will start by bussing your group to Kemah, where you will enjoy lunch at the Aquarium restaurant. After the meal, your boss will stumble in, appearing to be “murdered”. Then Sherlock Holmes, Austin Powers, and Columbo will enter and begin to solve this bizarre crime. They will break your group into teams, and send you on adventures around the boardwalk, where you will run into “celebrities”: Cher, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Fran Drescher, Willie Nelson, and many more. At the end of the day, the teams will put their clues together to find out whodunit, and have some good laughs. At the end of the day we will transport you back to your original location.

Night at the Races

You will start the night in a private suite at the Sam Houston Race park. There will be a buffet, as well as an optional cash bar. We will put your company name on the Scoreboard and the racing programs. Inside the programs there will be a short article about your organization. Each team will start with the same amount of money, and work together to see who can turn it into the highest payday. At the end of the night, the winning team will receive prizes.

Team Endurance Racing

We take you through a real life simulation of Nascar Racing. You start with a 30-minute instruction period, where we teach you everything you need to know about racing. Then you suit up in real Nascar Racing gear. From there we divide you into teams, and you get to start your engines! The teams will have to decide who drives for how long, as we start a 90 minute endurance race using indoor karts. The karts reach up to 40 mph, and sit 1 inch from the ground to give you a genuine racing experience. At the end of the race, we will take you upstairs to the victory room to celebrate and enjoy good food and fine beverages.

Casino Challenge

We will set up a Casino at a location of your choice. Your guests are given a quick lesson on how to play each game. Each team is then given a set amount of money. From there the teammates will have to decide who is better at which game, and then we send you to the tables. At the end of the games, we see who made the best use of their resources, and award a prize to the most skillful team. Casino Challenge includes a DJ, food and beverages.

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